Donkey Fire

Entertaining Myself (Part One).

To kill time at night (I still don’t really know anyone here), i brought a lot of films. I plan to post a short review of each.

Last night I watched the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo, about a US Army forward operating base in the Korangal Valley in Afghanistan. CNN has repeatedly referred to Korangal as the most dangerous place on Earth, and this movie shows you just how hard this place is.

If you like war documentaries, this will be dramatically up your alley. However, it is slow moving at times: the vast majority of the footage is handheld, and shot during the firefights. It is also incredibly powerful at times to see the soldiers’ reactions to events, both as they happen and afterwards, during interviews.

Highly recommended. 9 fingers out of a possible 10.

UPDATE: Turns out it won Sundance.

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